Mo-Nee-Kuh (biteduringclass) wrote in personalfinance,

Help Me For I'm Careless With My Money

I am in such a rut with my finances right now.

I have 2 credit cards: One with a balance of 381.28, the other 589.03.

My checking account has been ridiculously overdrawn{protected by overdraft protection = thank you credit union}.

My monthly bills are:

$150.00+/- for electricity
$213.00 for rent
$100.00 for other expenses
$100.00+/- for credit card bills
$169.00 for car payment
$30.00 RIRA
$80.00 for gas

I make roughly $1000/mo before taxes and also about 200+/- with babysitting/bartending.

Somehow....I am still in a financial rut.

Any suggestions?


PS: I am 23, full time job, live on my own w/roomies.
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