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College Fund Update!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update all of you on the whole "college fund drama". 

It turned out to be not very dramatic at all! The "college fund" was actually a mutual fund (worth 25,000 dollars).My grandmother said that the only reason she hadn't brought it up was because she thought we didn't need the money yet (what with fafsa and all). And she said that her intention had been to wait until we had graduated to tell us about it. She said that she was worried we would start spending it if we knew about it. I guess my cousin bought a car or something? But anyway,  she took us to speak with the broker about our investments and to give him our mailing addresses. The broker asked us if we wanted any money forwarded to our accounts, but both of us decided to keep it all invested. My plan is to continue paying my own way through college and save the  money for the down payment of a house someday. So everything worked out ok. My grandmother and I had a long conversation about our relationship (or lack there of) and we worked out a lot of issues. All in all it worked out pretty well =)

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