It puts the lotion in the basket... (jen_jen0708) wrote in personalfinance,
It puts the lotion in the basket...

How much is the *perfect* amount to save??

the setup: a person in her mid 20's, with no children. about $210,000 per year in net income after taxes. lives in expensive city, so cost of living is pretty high. has about $100,000 saved. $5000 mortgage/property tax every month. no debt to speak of, just the big mortgage and one parent to kind-of support (but parent is self sufficient when it comes to her own finances).

realistically, how much would be the 'perfect' amount to save every month? said person plans on having children within the next 5 years, so if that person were to live comfortably and not too frugally now and in the relative near future, what is the MAXIMUM amount that person should aim to be putting aside (also factoring in the high cost of living)? how much, percentage wise, would you put into savings if you were that person? would aiming to save 50% of net income each month be overkill, do you think? said person does not want to stress about finances, ever, but due to her slightly ocd tendencies (lol) she would like to have a set plan.

and while I'm posting I may as well ask, would you recommend most of those savings to go into CDs? Or should the majority of the savings be invested in the stockmarket? said person just opened up an account with Charles Schwab last week but has not invested in anything at the moment. :)

suzie orman wasn't taking calls today. jk, but i'm just looking for some light opinions, you guys. thanks in advance!!
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