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My grandmother has kept my college fund a secret =(

Hi! Sorry if this is choppy. I'm just really upset right now. I just found out that my grandpa and my grandmother created a college fund for my sister, cousin and I when we were born. I was VERY close to my grandpa and I was devastated when he passed away five years ago. My relationship with my grandmother has always been somewhat strained. You see, my sister and I are both half Hispanic and my grandmother is kind of racist. But it's not like she hates us. And we of course don't hate her. We usually see her on the holidays. So what I found out today really shocked me.

ANYWAY. My sister was hanging out with my cousin yesterday, and somehow the subject of how she was dreading college because of how much she would have to take out in loans came up. And my cousin was totally confused because "Duh! Why not just use the college fund grandpa and grandma set up for us when we were born? That's what I did!".

My sister and I had NO idea there was a college fund set up for us. I'm just starting my THIRD year of college. And my sister is starting college in the fall. What should I do? Is there anything I can do? I'm just so upset right now. Our father left us when we were born, and my mother was paralyzed by a stroke a few years ago. My sister and I have had to balance taking care of my mom on the weekend and school work. So needless to say, a college fund would have really been a blessing.

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